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badass digital strategy

We work with Ontario-based political candidates, publicly-traded companies and non-profits to win campaigns.

We help you carve out and connect with audiences to create grassroots campaigns.  Whether you’re on a long-term timeline or in the flurry of a crisis, contact us today. DSRPT is a 100% Canadian-owned business. 

Communications and Social Media Influence

Wherever your big idea comes from, DSRPT will connect it with the right audience. 

Our Communications work focuses on developing breakthrough narratives.  This could be a difficult to explain idea – or – finding a foothold against a well established opponent.

We’ll develop your Social Media and Digital narrative into bite-sized, shareable content that connects.

Find a winning digital strategy with disrupt corp.
DSRPT Digital Strategy builds social media content, websites and grassroots movements in Ontario and Canada. Win your next campaign with us.

Community and Grassroots Mobilization

Grassroots Engagement is why we started DSRPT.  As Digital Media platforms continue moving toward organic content, it’s integral you do too.

Building a resilient community around your ideas is necessary to winning digitally and in real life.  Using research and data, we’ll find the messages that connect to your audience.  Then we’ll turn them into your fiercest champions.


Web Development and Design

Developing trust quickly and keeping that visitor in your ecosystem is important.

We focus on improving metrics like Time on Site, Bounce Rate and Return Visits.  We’ll also work with you to develop a winning Keywords Plan and connect your website to search traffic that matters.

Your ability to establish trust and develop relationships with your audience means you NEED an exceptionally well crafted website on the front and back-end.

Play to win. DSRPT Digital Strategy helps connect your political campaign with key audiences. Build a compelling grassroots campaign to win your next election.
Meet with DSRPT and change your destiny. Connect with audiences that can help you win and have fun doing it.

City and Provincial Lobbying

Sometimes the greatest ideas fail simply because they’ve never been heard.

DSRPT will develop key messaging points and a pitch deck to give your idea the representation it deserves at the Government level.

We have experience lobbying at the Toronto City and Provincial Level on the following files:

  • Transportation
  • Green Tech
  • Human Rights Campaigns
  • Development
  • Community Projects

Get your message heard with the right Elected Officials and Bureaucrats. 

Don’t wait – let’s percolate

Contact us to begin your DSRPT-ive journey.