Groundbreaking ideas are built in industry incubators (or bars), and translating these to your target audience isn’t always simple. It’s easy to stay within our comfort zones but breaking out of an industry or a political bubble is necessary if you want to tell a great story.  Popping your bubble is where we come in.

Developing your narrative into something compelling and dynamic is the key to winning at communications. You have to tell a great story. Whether you’re developing a policy platform or a training video we can help you identify messages that resonate and stick.

We are a Canadian company, and our operations are 100% based in North America. Whether you’re on a long-term timeline or in the flurry of a crisis, we’re here for immediate consultation.

Digital Mobilization

Whether you need us to audit your existing online presence or build you one from scratch, we leverage our team of experienced web developers, graphic designers and social media managers to tell your story.

Your targeting strategy always needs to change and our ongoing analysis gives you the insight needed to improve and evolve. We’ll work with you to decipher the meaning of your data and raise your profile using our highly organized and data-informed process.  Our experts will help you look good, sound great and connect you with key audiences to drive engagement.

Community Engagement Strategy

We build your movement around who you are and what’s important to you, and we’re experts in creating living, breathing communities both on and offline.

Attracting an engaged and active audience isn’t just important to you, it’s why we started disrup+Community-building is shifting from real-life to digital but there is room for both and we’ll work with you to strike the best balance.

A strong community is your best way to increase engagement and create the influence needed to meet your goals.  We’ll fine-tune your strategy to develop the best return on investment and can work with almost any timeline from urgent to 5 years down the road.

Social Turbocharge™

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Growth + Engagement

If you tweet in a forest and nobody notices, have you even tweeted at all?

What if your tweet garners a hundred-thousand impressions, but zero engagements?

Your message is just as important as the people who see it, and how they interact with it.

Our Social Turbocharge™ grows your audience organically by attracting real followers who are interested in the things you’re talking about and geotargeted according to your preferences. No bots. And no using your credit card on a shady website you have to run through Google Translate.

Our emphasis is on attracting quality followers to you – and yes, we also factor quantity into the equation. The exact balance is up to you.

Do you have multiple accounts? We’ll get them working together to increase followers and engagements. Want to set it and forget it? We also offer full social media management services if you just can’t stomach the thought of writing your own Tweets.

Web Development and Design

Your social channels are usually the first point of contact your audience finds. Your website is where they go to vet you, but if your web-presence isn’t keeping pace you will miss out on many of the opportunities social media creates for you.

Your ability to establish trust and develop relationships with your audience is bolstered by a great website.  We work with experienced developers across multiple languages and platforms.  Whether you need a simple and clean candidate page or full brand site, we’ll build it right and you will look great.

Our Team Includes

•   Copywriters, editors and speechwriters

•  Photographers, videographers and graphic designers

•  Web-developers and social media managers

•  Campaign advisors, strategists, and policy people